Do you want to take a quick step in blockchain? You still need an industrial blockchain atlas BTC

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in 2020, the new crown lung fever epidemic will infect the whole world. We are witnessing history almost every day: the US stock market was blown out, bitcoin was \ National setting: the era of industrial blockchain opens  

if at the end of 2016, blockchain was first written into the \ New outbreak of coronary fever: blockchain withstood the social test around the first time  

\ Data becoming a factor of production: a historic opportunity for blockchain %On April 9, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the biases on building a more perfect system and mechanism for the market-oriented allocation of factors, which was the first document on the market-oriented allocation of factors issued by the Central Committee, and the data were officially included in the environment of production factors for the first time.

It is of great significance to include data into factors of production at the juncture of China's efforts to promote the construction of digital economy.

From agricultural economy, industrial economy to digital economy, every change in the history of human development, the change of production factors will bring about the transfer of the whole economic paradigm.


blockchain behavior is a necessary method to solve the data right confirmation, pricing and business operation, and provides the most serious and lowest cost infrastructure for data capitalization so far, which will certainly open the curtain of digital economy and lead the development of digital economy in the next decade.

  New infrastructure: lift the ceiling of blockchain %In March, \ Scene is king: where is the blockchain landing?  

industrial blockchain era has opened, every child will have high, confused and melancholy. At the beginning of the journey, one's feet can be disordered, but his heart is not as exotic. Only by moving away from the virtual to the real, and allowing blockchain technology to find more business scenarios is the right way.

in detail, in the \ Pre sale benefits %From May 7 to May 13, \

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